a late summer read : the prisoner of heaven

The Prisoner of Heaven, Carlos Ruiz Zafon
I came upon this recent novel by way of Barnes & Nobles' weekly-read email. I tend to glance through it, totally judging books by their covers and then if something catches my eye, I read the corresponding Amazon reviews. I trust their reviews above any other site for any item.

My library had it in my hands within three days. I finished it in two. It'd be easier to describe it by what it isn't, but easy is rarely fun so here goes: it's dark without being depressing; interesting characters, and the plot takes you where you aren't quite expecting it to go, but with enough fulfilled expectations that you're satisfied. I had a hard time with a bit of the subject matter, namely, the storyline of the mother, Isabella, but I think the author handled it well. There's an issue with the Catholic Church that has to bleed through from the author's own mindset, but it isn't offensive as much as it is meh.

By the way, I watched the Transformers:Dark of the Moon over the last two days. Not gonna lie, super fun to watch! Apparently it is the fifth highest grossing film of all time. I thought it was very well done for its genre, minus the pointless sexual conversation in an RV. If you need a little mental leisure, I found it a perfect fit. And the special effects are just amazing.

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