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Well, we've done it. We've opened a new travel rewards credit card and we plan to put most of our expenses on it instead of continuing the cash diet we've been on the last three years. It's a big step for us. Not because we're bad with credit (we pay everything off, every month) but because it's an added step that could, if done correctly, add up to big savings for family trips down the road.

We start in 2 weeks. I'll let you know how it goes. We've been thinking budget quite a bit lately.

And we know that the key to this is to do it like you would cash. Put everything on. Pay everything off. Immediately. Keep to the budget just like any other day.

What about you? Are you cash or credit or both? 



  1. both. I work at a credit union and encourage people to balance both cash and credit. Credit can really work toward your advantage!. When you aren't paying credit card interest rates (aka paying your balance every month, on time) the reward points of most major credit cards are awesome! I personally have the Amazon.com credit card with Chase, and swear by it.

    ashlyn a anderson

  2. we also do the traveler rewards credit card and pay everything off right away...weekly or almost daily. we are terrible about having any cash on hand, but I am not QUITE as careful about grocery bills, etc when I use credit. So far it's been working just fine though.

  3. Ashlyn, good to hear. We hope to keep cash on hand for rummage sales, tips, random coffees, lemonade stands, etc., but really put the rest on a reward card. I'm glad to hear with your experience, it's a good idea!

    Jen, I totally am with you on the grocery bill. I'm posting about it soon, actually, because it's such a dilemma...(dilemna?)


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