on : admitting you don't know

My college years at a Jesuit university gave me four classes under a Father Gawronski. In one of those classes he responded to a question with the answer,  I don't know. We were all shocked. This man is one of the last Renaissance men; he speaks a few languages extremely well, admires music across centuries and cultures, and taught me more than I'd be able to express here. So to hear him of all people say that he didn't know the answer in response to an area about which he should know everything (right, professors know everything?)...wow.

But with that, I've found the strength to admit when I don't have the answer. It's still hard to do sometimes, but it's more honest. To my husband. To my friends. And even to my very young children. I find freedom in it and I am more confident when I'm willing to give an actual answer. Not to mention the conversation that I don't know can welcome.

What about you? Is it easy for you to say?


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  1. NO, I hate admitting when I don't know something so I always answer even if I'm not sure. I guess this is a little challenge for me? It's making me think. Is it misleading to not say I don't know?


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