a laughable day

I'm not one for photo-comment-photo in posts like this, so here's a quick recap. While Hawk was away on a golf trip (I know, right?), the house was flooded with people we care so very much about. Somewhere along the line six adults and one child joined the Ace, Poppy and I for Halloween: Kurt, Hawk's lifelong friend, and his fiancee Lizzie, our accountant and firefighter friends, Jacob and Laura, and their daughter who just celebrated her first year, and my sweet sister-in-law Lindsay, who is stunning and generous and fun.

I think it began last year when Uncle Dave (pictured above), Poppy's godfather and our close friend, came over to help set up our antenna and a borrowed tv for the Packer game. It was a massive fail but we spent the day eating and drinking and being very merry. When he offered to return in Hawk's absence, more offers followed. This year we enjoyed my traditional Hot Buttered Rum Apple Cider and grilled out hamburgers for dinner.

I hope you'll humor me with this recap in photos, but I had so much fun I couldn't resist them!


And after reading the original article, I'm grateful for photos like this one.


  1. cute. and how did you find the original article? there is anna see...powerful to see her on there.

    1. It was on the huffington post, but their down due to Sandy. What a rough time.

  2. I'm glad you're getting in the picture--I'm TERRIBLE at that myself, but I've stopped getting squeamish now that we have Maya (and will soon have #2). I keep telling Ryan how she's going to look back on these photographs and think what a fun dad she had!

    1. So true! I actually have so few photos of myself as a child I wanted to be in these with the kids. I find I can't get enough of photos on other sites of mothers and their children so I want my own kids to have that. I also find it helps me remember the event a little better---like I can almost remember what I was thinking and feeling about them!

      CONGRATS on number 2!!! I swear, two is easier than one.


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