have a lovely weekend

Dear Friends,

This week was a wild one for us, but so very very good. So many moments when life made me pause in awe and gratitude. I can't think of anything I want more than Hawk, Ace, and Poppy and these days with each of them.

Here are my favorite links from the week. Enjoy! They're SO good and full of eye candy and doable ideas.

How to layer like the French. I tried this at Saturday's Mass and when we sat in the pew Hawk turned and said, you still have that thing around your neck. did you know that? which basically made me think I'll never be able to pull off French layering. Maybe you can.

Thinking holiday table settings? Think these.

Oh, and psych! there's no such thing as pink.

Need a host or hostess gift for your Halloween party? Try this.

A very nice moving announcement!

The newest home and design blog added to my Reader list.

10 Great Halloween books for kids from one of my favorite design moms.

And spooky diy ballroom dancer silhouettes that glow in the dark in your yard.

Oh please may I have these hand towels?

Just pinned this slow-cooker marinara sauce that makes enough for a good month and is supposed to be delish.

I think this West Elmo side table, currently on sale(!), could be our new one, but Hawk won't stop watching the League long enough to confirm/prohibit. Ugh. Boys. I'd rather get this one but we can't with kids...right?

Just checked this book out from the library, just for fun. First time in a very long time I did so without reading reviews.

A stupid-cool kids craft corner that isn't too extravegant but is totally fun, and all Ikea.

I ordered four pairs of these baby girl knit leggings and I can't stop dressing Poppy in them with cute skirts, onesies, and cardigans!

Love this tree topper. And yes, I have been looking at Christmas decorations since March. It happens every year.

I hope your weekend is delightful in every way. See you Monday when we have ourselves a Foodie week!


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