have a lovely weekend

We have a few fun things planned for this weekend like a breakfast with baby friends (two other couples gave birth to their first daughters within weeks of Poppy), shooting a house tour, a 3rd birthday party, Packer game, and hopefully great weather.

I love how Hunter wellies can make any space look inviting, like in the photo above. Plus that entryway is pretty sweet.

My neighbors couldn't be happier about this MLB win.

Ace is going as this guy for Halloween.

This would be cute for a one year old.

Just returned this book to the library. Not bad, great character sketches and unique ideas. I'm a little troubled at how neatly it wraps up...but enjoyable nonetheless.

I just requested this book from the library. Turns out I can't have an orange tree in our house because we won't get enough sun. (I'm SO bummed, I can't tell you).

I got these pants for $20 in Orange Flame and I want to wear them every single day. I'm trying to convince Hawk I need another pair.

After everything I've written about this week, this brief article makes me sad.

Did you see this when it first posted?

What do you have planned for this weekend?


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