quiz : are you a piggy eater?

Mmmm, I bet you're curiosity has gotten the better of you, and you didn't want to click this post but here you are. Welcome. You may find you're among friends.

Could you be a piggy eater? Let's find out.

1. Do you scoop the next bite on your fork while you're still chewing your first?
2. Do you put the next bite into your mouth when any part of a previous bite remains?

3. Do you take full bites each time, so that the food fills most of your mouth?
4. Do you take large swigs of your drink to wash down your food?

5. Do you eat while you facebook, tweet, text, or watch tv?
6. Do you eat the same standard meals just about every week?

7. Do you often feel full after you eat?
8. Do you want to snack between meals, or do you snack right before a meal?

9. Do you lean over your plate and eat continuously and rarely put your utensils down between bites? Or are you generally standing/walking as you eat instead of sitting?
10. Do most or all of your meals last less than 30 minutes?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, you might be a piggy eater. I used to be guilty of almost all of them and I'm still working on two of them.

All imply a disconnect between the act of eating and the food itself. How can we taste let alone savor the bite in our mouth if we're already getting the next one ready? How can we savor something delectable if I have to chew it down first in order to actually taste it? How can I make the most of my meal if I'm distracted by driving, texting, or movies? And when I'm most desperate for the taste, I shovel it in, and I'm full before I feel I am satisfied.

The great news is that the inverse of each gives us a way to greater enjoyment of and satisfaction from our food.

Do you identify with any of them? I think #5, 8, and 10 were the hardest for me! Do tell us!


check back later today for more digs on food

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  1. oh how embarrassing, i'm totally guilty of 9 of these. bummer. thanks for mentioning how i can see the up side or i'd be a total debbie downer in the break room today.


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