she's not a crier

If you've met our daughter you've probably thought she is a fussy baby. And everyone told me that some babies are just fussy; some babies just cry a lot. We just couldn't accept that she was fussy just to be fussy. For most of her life Hawk and I have been worried about her size and her irritability. We have two close friends whose daughters are within weeks of her and you'd laugh if you saw the most recent photo of the three of them lined up. Poppy just can't compare.

So, thank heavens, at her last ped. appointment we discovered that while in previous months she was dropping in her weight percentage, this past month she gained 0 ounces! Our wonderful pediatrician finally said the words I've been longing to hear: This is a problem and we need to take measures before it gets worse.

We put her on a new food plan, so to speak, and within 12 hours we noticed she was happy, content, and sleeping better. She smiles at everyone and babbles readily. She plays for half an hour on the floor alone. She's crawling (albeit, backwards) everywhere. It's like the little girl I new who was always in there came bubbling out! Our sweet little Poppy is now visible for everyone to see. I'm so grateful that someone finally agreed with us instead of comforting us.

Sometimes bad news is good news because alongside bad news can come a solution.

Happy Monday, friends, and thanks for taking interest in our little ones. They mean the world to us.


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