lady poppy's first birthday inspiration

I am so excited for lady Poppy's first birthday. I think because she's a girl it feels new, so I couldn't wait to share the plans with you.

Color palette, same as her when-she-moves bedroom:

The cake, and though ours won't look as lovely and polished, it'll be close enough for a 12-month old to smash her face in it...

And a few big, round balloons because they're so girly!

And my newest party craze, the tissue tassel garland:

Though I'd have to say that this tassel tutorial is the best, easiest to follow, and most efficient I've seen yet.

I'm considering this cake recipe, though Poppy tends toward the all-out chocolate--rich, dark chocolates. The kind we can't afford. Ha!

Or this if I get all craze-ay.

We did this for Ace's 2nd birthday and he loved it, so I think it could be a really cool, fun tradition to start for every birthday, every kid. It feels so special!

And these as goodie-bags for the little people, because it's what I would want as a kid, it's what I want as a parent, and it's not too much stuff for a first birthday party!

And this is one of the very few gifts I'm giving her, which has even more meaning when I think of how prudence is my favorite and most hard-won virtue (meaning I haven't won it yet):

There you have it! Now I've got to just finish the invitations (I should have hired Nellie Design) and get them out to family before it's too late:)

Have a lovely day, friends.


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  1. This is so pretty! That color palette makes me swoon. Hope you post pics after the party and let us know how it went. (You never did for your son's).


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