on being grateful

Welcome to February, friends! I'm very excited to be back. And grateful for the time to regroup. We also managed happily through the flu (dang that poor string of vaccination!), enjoyed almost 2 weeks of vacation with Hawk (and some fabulous time at the family cabin), and toasted a successful late evening of Superbowl watching last night. Very happy, busy baby and toddler. We seriously have the best friends who actually take our children from our hands and wrestle, walk, play catch, tickle, and even feed them.

It's also a challenge. Our life is really pretty good right now, and just like the rest of us who suffer from First World Problems I can start to take that for granted. Something that has really helped me the past month has been gratefulness. When Ace (26 months) is repetitively demanding with a spectacular tinge of whine, I pause and look at him and remember that I will ache for these moments when my son is so small and his wonder is so great he cannot wait to get started on something.

So to start us off, three things we're grateful for around here:

first: healthy, happy children. Nothing beats this. Nothing.

second: snow. and lots of it. four inches today!

third: a successful budget talk without any arguments, name-calling (not that we've ever resorted to something so base, of course), or things left unfinished. More on this topic (hopefully) later.

Just to let you know, this whole blog thing is my favorite creative outlet. It inspires me to do things around the house from decorating and organizing to play activities and entertaining. With life as it is right now I may only get to 3-4 posts a week, but I'll make sure those posts are from the heart and home.

Glad to see you around!



  1. Love your blog, from your heart and home!

  2. Off to a great start this year - seek joy!


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