visual inspiration : a little girl's room

Now that we have a baby girl and we're expecting a younger sibling this summer, I am eager to get a girls' room decorating. We don't know if #3 is a boy or girl, but eventually we're going to need to separate the girls from the boys and I can't wait to make a room for her (or them).

Here are my latest inspirational cravings color palettes. Think mostly the colors and tone these shots evoke and you'll get the general idea, though I adore this first bedspread and the anthro curtains that cost more than our labor and delivery.


  1. Such adorable scheme, Jen! I love it! I've been dreaming of changing up our nursery--I'm so sick of it! This is awesome inspiration.

    1. Ah! Thanks Ellen, I'm glad you like it! These are my favorite colors for Poppy's future room. I'm desperate to make them happen! Can't wait to see what you do with little J.


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