a close call

Good morning, friends.

Yesterday, we came seconds from a major car accident. At a stoplight just blocks from our house, a car coming from our left ran the red in front of us and a BMW t-boned it sending debris and both cars in our direction. One car's bumper was lodged under our own. I'm sure I'll always remember the sound of impact and the shower of car parts flying past and over our car. It was like an explosion.

After jumping out and first making sure their was a cushion of other cars keeping mine (with my kids inside) protected, I ran to both cars and found everyone able to walk out freely. Amazing. I had to pull to the side to wait for the police to take my statement, thankful that no one was even bloody even though at least one of the cars was totaled, smoking, and air-bag inflated.

In the meantime back inside my car, I shattered. For about 3 minutes I bawled my eyes out because my three kids are safe. We've lost too many friends and the fact that I was sitting untouched in the driver's seat with my son and daughter happily swapping french fries in the back and the baby kicking gently against my ribs---I almost couldn't take it.

We said a few prayers of thanksgiving, waited a while until we were permitted to leave, and enjoyed the sirens, flashing lights, towtrucks, etc., knowing that everyone was okay. When we finally returned home, my kids oblivious to what happened, I couldn't stop hugging and kissing and watching them interact. We'd been on a milkshake trip because with damn daylight savings, our routine was totally whacked. I'd just pulled Ace's finger back through the straw hole, laughing at how of course he would do that it was, comforting Poppy after she was startled awake from her own 30-minute car nap by brother's cries of help Mama I'm stuck!

I have no complaints. My life is fantastic, and there isn't a second I can take that for granted.



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  2. so glad you are safe. I totally got choked up and teary eyed after our week reading that. So glad EVERYONE was safe. Praise the Lord.


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