DIY: Resurrection Eggs, a.k.a., It's Not Too Late to Start Holy Week

When I was in ministry, one of the major lessons I had to teach and reteach and reteach was the concept of the moment and this day. Rather a nasty person? Today you can start anew. Don't understand much about prayer? Today is the day to learn. Didn't really prepare your toddlers for Easter by entering into Lent? Guess what, there are six full days left, and today's the first.

That last one is definitely me this year. I had these great aspirations about how to teach Ace about Lent and Easter now that he's old enough for conversation and some abstract thought. But it never happened. We were sick, I was exhausted, Hawk traveled---there are always reasons, right? Does it matter so much that I shouldn't do anything at all?

So logical: start something now. Better late than never. Something's better that nothing.

I'd never heard of Resurrection Eggs, so when I came across this DIY from Sugar Lander, I was inspired to try it out. I found this helpful 12-egg version (the most typical) with printables so I'm combining the printables and the homemade objects from Sugar Lander and we're starting tonight.

Yes, tonight. 6 days before Easter. Does my son know he's missed out on 34 days of penitential preparation? No. Will he wonder what the heck is going on this Sunday? Yup. Should we miss out on the chance to help him understand and grow deeper in the faith he was given by right of life? Nope.

So here's a little encouragement if you're getting a late start, too, and you're wondering if it's worth it to begin today.

It is!


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