Afternoon October Sun & Funeral Favors

note: photo not really of our home
Despite the wicked weather, the sun literally and figuratively broke out last weekend! 

We hosted our first of two-in-one-day houswarmings a week ago Saturday. I highly recommend this idea! We knew that there was a block party in August, just a week before we closed, but we couldn't make it to the festivities. I can't stand passing people on the street or living next to them and not knowing their name---after all, the friendly neighborhoods are one of the greatest catalysts for our WFB move. And since we'd only met 3 homes (all those directly next to us), we thought we'd skip the waiting and awkward "Who is that person?  Ohhhh, that's our neighbor" thing, and just invite them over.

From 2-5pm, we hosted a little housewarming for neighbors only--just our block. That came to 22 homes! I dropped off invitations in their mailboxes 7-10 days before (though I highly suggest doing so 14-21 days ahead) and included: "Children & costumes welcome" so that our family-filled neighbors would bring those little ones by. 

Remember that post about regrets? Well, I'm sad to say that only 5 photos were taken of the day. Ugh, regrets... Nonetheless, they're evidence of something. Four of the photos will appear tomorrow, so I'll leave you with this chocolatey shot of our young neighbor:

Isn't he brilliant?


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