All Hallow's Eve

I'm not entirely sure where that apostrophe belongs. Nonetheless, it is now* two days after All Hallow's Eve (*a.k.a. All Saints Day, which sounds a tad more encouraging). I married a magnificent man, and I expected that in doing so, I would learn a great deal more about him.

I did not realize that he would be so excited about Halloween and trick-or-treaters. He spoke about it for days, at random intervals. So when we completed our first Great Date, and we went to the Dollar Delight 

to spend $2 a piece on a meaningful gift for each other, we had to get two more gifts becuase the ole DD won't take a credit card for purchases under $5. So we found these spirited items:

Pretty scary, eh? So that was Friday night, and when I came downstairs after preparing my costume, I found this:

I used a fun bridesmaid dress and some aluminum foil to squeak out a princess outfit:

So I've discovered something new: owning a home means entertaining Trick-or-Treaters in style.

Hope you had a lovely weekend! Check back tomorrow for an update on the housewarming!


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  1. I am so pleased you find the time to have FUN together-just plain silly fun. I believe that is one of the secrets to a happy marriage. And, to have fun together, you need to make time for each other. Don't ever stop. (Many marriages never start.)


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