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So I'm a little behind in posting about paint. I'll get there, I promise! A reader from Las Vegas has been asking for more pics of our house and now that the first level is clean and semi-decorated, I'll be posting more of those.

It's autumn and today in WFB, it is gloomy. Quite appropriate for late October. Rainy. Dark. Overcast. Cold. And I love it! I think it's my eastern European & Scottish roots--I've never been one for a week of sunshine, I find that very boring. Hawk wholeheartedly disagrees and thinks we should move to North Carolina. Don't they have hurricanes? (any readers from NC?)

So in honor of this weather and our recent housewarming weekend, I'm including a few great finds from my favorite "little" shop: Etsy. I purchased as much as possible from this shop for our wedding, including all my jewelry, and I'm scanning anew it for home decor. If I could, I'd snatch up one of these little numbers.

First, the wreath the conveys today's October day--bright & strawlike against a dark but cozy backdrop:

Next, a fun wreath that takes the typical and gives it a slightly celebratory feel (shiny, pretty, Yay! come inside!)

And my personal favorite, perhaps in part because of the door:

Watch out, if you check out Etsy, you'll find yourself an addict...



  1. esty is fantastic! wish we could keep it a secret... (wink wink)


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