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It's October (did you know?) and this is our first home. More specifically, this is the first home in which I (jen) get a say in what the home looks like. On Sept. 29th, I oversaw an event for couples in which we decorated according to a camping-in-harvest-time theme. I went to Stein's Garden & Gifts and found these great little pumpkins and gourds for $0.69 each or 4 for $2.

I also snabbed miniature bales of hay and miniature stalk-bustles. 

After decorating a large space with these items, including 15 tables, I didn't want these little gems to go to waste, so I spread the wealth as much as I could between my coworkers and our working space and brought a dozen or so home. I placed them around the living and dining rooms like this:

The lady at Stein's said that in a cold environment, they should last through Thanksgiving. Well, the temperature around Milwaukee dropped 29 degrees this past week so the outside is pretty good. And in an effort to be frugal, simple, and environmentally-conscious, our furnace just participating in our little family just yet. It's a great discipline...58 degrees.

Thankfully, our dear friends and family members gifted us with things from Restoration Hardware. We were able to walk in the store in June and find these:

My first real (and plush) bathrobe! It's become our daily staple. Mine is on the far right, Hawk's is far left. And they're currently on sale!
Our housewarming party comes up at the end of October. We'll let you know how these decorations hold-up and what our friends think of them!


  1. I can't believe you let it get to 58! I force myself not to turn it on until it drops below 60. But my first glimpse of 59, and that baby fires up!

  2. I know, it was almost painful!!!


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