tck tck tck: 12.07.09

Thursday, October 15th, is Blogger Action Day, the day when blogs around the world unite and post about the same topic. I may not participate every year (not every upcoming topic agrees with my code of ethics) but the topic of Climate Change gives me great reason to do so this year.

As a fairly educated and believing Catholic, I am comfortable and familiar with debate; it's just part of our history. So when it comes to this topic, I hope to present a unique response to BAD09 challenge--what does Climate Change mean to the Catholic community? Are we, as many like to think, uninterested, unscientific, and thus, uninvolved?  Do we think, as a Church, Climate Change is an elaborate hoax? Or do we view it in a quite historical, biblical, and reasonable way?
Check back on October 15th to find out!

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