Regrets: Take the Picture!

We all have them. I find my regrets revolve around only two things: when I feel I've failed someone else (in terms of follow-through, integrity, maturity, overall character) or when I've lost something of little consequence I'll never get back. 

photo by thea0211

Photos fall under the second category. As I prepared for and during our housewarming, I repeatedly thought, "I should take a photo of this." By and by I found reasons not to do so. These would include: "I'll get to it later" and "everyone will feel awkward if I take a pic." Now, our first two and greatest housewarmings are over and I have only a handful of photos to show from it--none of which give readers or future little Hawks much to remember.

In addition to the photos, I've lost the best black jacket imaginable. 
Perfect fit, three-season wear, stylish but long-lasting. And I find it is this little loss, this truly inconsequential loss, gives me continued pause and regret.

{devoted detail}: Which is precisely a temptation within marriage: to let the little losses, the little ways in which we fail each other, become continued sources of pause and regret. Is my sense of loss appropriately proportioned to the object of my loss? No. In the end, the lack of photos will mean nothing to most others and the coat is surely keeping another warm. And in the end, despite the little losses we cause in each other, there is no question regarding the devotion, attention, & sense of service we generally offer each other.

So the party is over and the jacket is gone, but I can always have those people over again, and I'm really quite warm despite Wisconsin weather. We just need to think of a new occasion!



  1. Unrelated to your last blog: I tried looking for something on Etsy and they have over 54000 PAGES for jewelry ALONE! How do you EVER find any ideas, anything- without spending a lifetime looking? Connie G

  2. Dear Connie,
    It helps to be specific. When searching for jewelry, type "wedding" or "white, pearl" or "glass beads" or "antique." Those specifics help etsy narrow your choices.
    I also utilize the "pounce" option and the "see who favorites this shop" to point me in the right direction. Like a virtual conversation of recommendations.
    And, I confess, I have been known to spend hours on end looking through options...
    If you want some help, give me an idea of what you're looking for and I can come up with a few starting items.


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