Breakdown & Beauties

Shoes are helpful. They ensure that we can get around when other means fail us.
That great car of ours came down with a bug two weeks ago. Low battery and a leaking valve. No biggy when you consider how many miles have been put into it (including an 8-day roadtrip to 9 different ballparks in 7+ states) and how little we've had to do before this!

This left me with a full day in which I needed to leave the car in the shop for a 4+ hour fix. We didn't want to spend more money on a rental, so I found myself with 4+ hours to myself to window shop and read at Barnes & Nobles. Quite glorious, actually. First, I made my way to World Market 

and scoured every section with my camera. I'm trying to put our living room couch together with pillows in a similar style as Anthropologie does: different pillow sizes and designs, all within a similar style with complimentary colors. Mom Hawk wants to make the pillows. (I'm SO lucky. Both Mama Shedd an Mom Hawk can sew like Mary Poppins!)
photo by J at local Anthropologie

Here are a few beauties for inspiration.

for a winter twist:
And for that folk look...makes me think of home and growing up, even though we didn't decorate like this. Still...warm, cozy, homemade. The following two are my favorites!

Happy Thursday!



  1. Love the pillows! and you can't go wrong with Anthropologie

  2. are the folk ones embroidered or printed?

  3. embroidered. really neat fabric. and looks like it will last

  4. great idea. mixing the cheap for the anthro look. less is more right? so if your mother-in-law is making them,what fabrics are you using?

  5. i usually don't comment. but I must say, very cool pillows. keep taking window shopping pictures. i enjoy them


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