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I'm already deep in Christmas mode. And I'm scouring websites in between deep work conversations and normal administrative tasks. Mama Shedd really knows how to deck the halls for Christmas, and I think because it was such a big celebration my whole life (like 6-8 weeks long stretching from Thanksgiving through the whole Christmas 12 days) that my whole being longs for it.

So I found myself at this incredible website/blog. I don't really understand her name, but I can't get enough of her home, her crafts, her decor. It all makes me think of the Shedd home during Christmas...

Check out this very simple make-over:


(click on images to go to the original site)

and don't you just want to go here?

And she even includes a how-to-make jam! Can you believe it? Jam! Who knows how to make jam anymore? With this, I will. Hawk will love it. At least after I give it a few tries...

This is the sort of stuff that makes me slow to get into the office in the morning...



  1. Hey lady- I believe this is the website: http://www.cherrymenlove.com/


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