my football fantasy come true

I grew up in an NFL hometown. I married a man. Those two facts alone should demand that I have a working knowledge of the NFL. For the most part, I do, at least in that I can watch a game and know what's happening at more than an average level, but keeping up on teams? Never.

Until now. I entered a football pool at work. $2 a weekend, indicating which teams will come out winners and how strongly I wager those wins by ranking them. For the year it's a $36 expense for quite a few laughs and friendly jabs between coworkers. But then...I won.


That's a positive $40! Given that I only put $6 in originally, that leaves me $10 for the final pool already. Apparently, no one else has won twice. What makes it even more hilarious is that I'm also at the very bottom of the pool because, like my 8th grade English homework, I sometimes forget to turn my picks in on time...

Here's to another great and promising Sunday!



  1. no way did you actually win twice. incredible

  2. i can't believe it either!

  3. here here to scoring cash! so, what's the method? my boyfriend would get a kick out of me beating him


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