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We finally found a wreath! When visiting my family over Thanksgiving, we ventured into Hobby Lobby and quickly agreed upon this little fella. We chose fake over natural for longevity's sake (oh, and budget--50% off $49) and because I have a habit of killing plants.

Here's a closeup:

It's not the best photo. My camera is from 2005, and it's joined me in Europe twice and, oh yeah, I've dropped it at least 3 dozen times. Once, my friend dropped it and the lens wouldn't close for an hour. But Canon must make some quality stuff because at least it still takes decent photos. 

Since I asked for a $50 budget for holiday decorating, not counting the tree we hope to purchase tomorrow in the Third Ward, I needed to get what I could and make it go a long way. Here's my holiday purchase list:

1)  Red unbreakable ornaments from Hobby Lobby: $19 at 50% off
2)  Gold unbreakable ornaments from Hobby Lobby: $19 at 50% off
3)  Wreath
4)  Cranberries for garland
5)  Oranges and whole cloves

I meet with three women every Friday morning, rotating houses. This week it was my day to host. I am very happy to announce that my one "decoration" produced compliments from Roots. Hawk doesn't understand the fake pears (I told him there such a thing as Christmas pears. I may have made that up). But I like it. And I have to clean it. So there.

They're all around the house in little groupings. Here's our dining room armoire/dresser/buffet thingie:

Ahhh....so fun and easy and cozy!


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