o tannenbaum

o tannenbaum is German.

I took German in high school. The teacher never taught anything of substance, and even worse, she hated me, but her favorite student, "Sven" (real name, Craig, now a teacher in Milwaukee!) made sure to help me out. And because he liked me, she couldn't fail me--she didn't want to disappoint him. I'm pretty sure I answered every single test question with, "Ich gehe nach hause," which is, if I recall correctly, "I'm going home."

I'm not very good at German. so... tannenbaums.

Hawk and I went to a local tree market to purchase our first-ever, married-and-finally-living-together, who's-going-to-put-on-the-lights Christmas tree. There are three things of interest to note, which I will elaborate on below: 1) Balsam; 2) North Carolina; 3) Height.

{Balsam}My family usually finds Frasier firs but this year, Hawk and I chose a Balsam for its lower pricetag and fragrance. At first it was difficult for me because the Shedd's are really into these little, consistent Christmas traditions, but then I realized, "Hey, I'm in a brand-new little family now, so we gotta do what is right for us." 

Here it is being wrapped up at the market (notice the Packers hat on "the guy"):

Which brings me to point number two: {North Carolina}. My family goes each year to a local tree farm where they grow their own trees, make their own wreaths, steam hot cocoa and bake cookies. Mama & Dad Shedd always find a great Frasier for under $50 bucks--tall, full, fragrant. I believe Mom & Dad Hawk also go to a Milwaukee market and pick up a sweet tree. It's Wisconsin--there are PLENTY of Christmas tree farms within 100 miles!

And yet, this tree market gets their trees from...you guessed it...North Carolina! Why, I'll never know, but it showed in the price tag. We're very pleased with our purchase, but it seems so silly.

and finally, {height}. I think the photos below say it all:


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