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Here's the story of two newlyweds learning how to trim the tree. First, we brought it into the garage where it sat for 2 days, anxiously awaiting its arrival in our warm and cozy home. Then, we placed it onto our garbage bins so it would be at a better height for the saw.

Next, Hawk removed 1.5" from the base, eliminating the sap seal of protection the tree developed. Note: I used a red-eye reducer, and suddenly my blue-eyed-baby has brown eyes. Go figure.

Also, for those of you unfamiliar with evergreens, or trees in general, they "drink" with their outer layer. My dad taught me this years ago--some people will shave off the outer bark to get the tree in the stand, effectually killing it. Not good for Christmas cheer.

Next, we brought the tree inside. 

For some reason, our walls look pink in this picture. Yuck. Anyway, we placed a towel on top of a plastic garbage bag should one of us spill as we water the tree. The trunk is very off-center when compared to the boughs, so it took a little finessing to get it situated correctly.

Here it is, two days later, trimmed and sparkly:

And as we're on a budget (remember that $50), I chose to place some extra muslin fabric around the base as a skirt--very natural, simple effect. We really like it!

Last note: I went out to Walgreens to pick up the 2-for-1 100-strand white light pack, for $3.99 each, during the snow blizzard thing. It had knocked out power at all nearby gas stations, so I and 2 friendly strangers followed each other to station after station. 

Happy Advent!


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