winter window shopping

There's a fantastic outlet mall 40 minutes south of Milwaukee, so four friends and I spent a few hours winding our way through them in search of just-the-right presents. Well, they shopped and I  window shopped. "Window shopping" is a great term. Completely illogical because one never buys anything, but it conveys the right sense of "oooo, that's pretty neat, too bad I'm not going to buy it."

I didn't want to be the strange woman taking pictures of her shopping experiences, so I was only able to snap 3 photos of the day. The rest were taken a week back when Hawk and I were window shopping. Also, I couldn't take photos of the presents I wanted to get for people for obvious reasons.

The first is my favorite: Restoration Hardware ornaments. I'm thinking of framing this soon.

And then a pair of shoes that would be lovely, ahhh, but don't truly fit.

And a few wine bottle gift tags at Crate & Barrel:

Some more fun ornaments:

And the best Christmas trees made out of some great fake red things:

And while all of these are basically on sale, I don't regret the lack of buying power. It's actually rather nice to go and enjoy them without adding the guilt of "should I have purchased that" and then having to take care of them. Hawk and I are trying to keep the house simple and uncluttered, so the whole window shopping thing lets me get my kick in without the natural disadvantages.

Merry Monday!


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