at the lakehouse

Not our lakehouse, of course. Though our dream is to one day have a cabin up nort'. And when I say "our," I mostly mean mine. Hawk wants to rule the world first. 
So this past weekend, we celebrated the last single Saturday of our dear friend EK.

First, like good little Catholic girls, we went to Mass. 

We were in the middle of nowhere, so I was delighted that this church had more Christmas decor than most Mil-town locations (it's technically still Christmas until January 6th).

After turning on the cabin water and filling our glasses in a desperate act to convince our bodies it wasn't really 45 degrees INSIDE the cabin (it did rise later), we made a delicious dinner discovered by the bridesmaid and co-maker of the wine-glass-thingies, Mons. (Notice my attempt at retaining their anonymity). First, EK's sister cut the tomatoes:

So that we could enjoy bruchetta. I cut these fine lookin' bread wedges. Oh yeah, talent.

You may be asking: Why, Jen, do you take so many pictures of things that are just not that interesting? Well, I wanted to be sure you knew what well-cut wedges truly look like. And if I didn't post these pictures, I'd be left with a bunch of these tasty paper-crown pics:

(Rach, EK, Steph)

Then, we feasted. We also enjoyed these firecracker toys Steph white-elephanted us, hence the paper crowns. 

So here was the final entree: Proscutto-wrapped Sage-stuffed Chicken Breast. Ahhhhhhhh.

But nothing says Blue Earth & Wild Rose (MN & WI respectfully) like Bailey's Irish Cream stored in an old water bottle with a festive bow and instructional label. 

I have no idea where it came from (EK's sisters) but I think it's hilarious! So we made my favorite go-to mixed drink, commonly and somewhat unfortunately known as the Buttery Nipple or a Butterball. I know. Unfortunate for anyone outside of college. Fortunate for those at a bachelorette party, though. And following such things, we just had to play a game.

For those of you who've never heard of it, there is a great game called things Since we didn't actually have the game itself, we made our own.

And finished off the evening with the tried and true bachelorette presents. Not quite appropriate for the blog...

Happy to be back blogging! Coming up: Wii, window treatments, kitchen hardware, furniture genies, and much more!

Happy New Year!


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  1. Will you have to make a new moniker for me now that I'm no longer a "K"?


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