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Y'all keep reminding me that I'm not posting regularly. Thanks! I love that you check back often enough to know!

Kitchens...We wanted a bright kitchen. I've always like pure-white kitchens for that very reason. They also allow you to place and interchange pops of vibrant color:

But I really think it only works with white. Otherwise, too much of one color can cause nausea...

And then there's the typical redo, one that matches it's decade very well:

Or just too tuscan...

But sometimes, people get it just right in their mix of modern and retro:

And then, there's always the boring, same old thing:

Oh wait, that must be the Hitchhiker's Guide to Kitchen design...

I can happily announce that our kitchen is 98% finished. We've not performed any demolition. Rather, we decided to adjust the kitchen cosmetically to make it pleasant and efficient for the next 5-10 years until we can afford to "properly" redo the kitchen. 

The problem is that I have no desire to redo it anytime earlier. I can't even talk about it when Hawk brings it up. I really like how it turned out this time around, and I can't imagine losing it--even for more space! 

In the next few days I'll be posting the before-and-afters, but in the meantime, here's the inspiration behind the redesign. I adore great blogs and home magazines, so we saw our fill of kitchen ideas. It wasn't until I happened upon Layla's theletteredcottage and I received the "ah-ha!" moment:

Are you interested in what's coming? We hope so!


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