etsy friday:

You all know I'm rather obsessed with etsy. If I could, I would decorate our entire house with items from etsy shoppes, and I would then quit my job (having spent all our money, logically) and open up my own shoppe. Yes, Hums, I can make things that people might want to buy. If they were blind.

I recently came across ShabbyChalks when looking for, you guessed it, a chalkboard for our kitchen. I think Marisol, the owner/creator, does some pretty creative work with her items, so I asked her to say a few things about her shoppe.

I'm married with 3 children ages 14, 7, and almost 2. I work full time, yet still have energy to work on my chalkboards. My youngest loves to be down in my studio with me, so that makes it easier. I love creating, and reusing stuff that people see as junk. I think recycling is so important, and here is my way of keeping things out of landfills and repurposing them into functional pieces that people can enjoy for many more years. I'm always getting new ideas, from just driving around, or things I see in magazines.

Here are a few of my favorite boards she's upcycled or created:

Creative, eh? I like that she uses bold fabrics so that when you're not using the board, you can stack it under something, or behind something. Thank you, Marisol!

And as it is Friday, I'll leave you with a few other etsy finds:

Happy Friday!


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