i wish, i wish...

It's the weekend. Time for frivolous things.

This is a big 2009-2010 transition for us. First married Christmas, first home-owning Christmas, first jointly-filed tax return, and I'm turning 30 later this winter (or would it be spring?). Hawk, alas, is not, though he looks older wink wink.

Hawk finally received his dream mandolin (or at least the younger, 5th-level version that both our families pitched in for):

When I tell our friends that we things like this pentax camera

or this Illustrator action , or this image action, 

or a one-year anniversary photo session with this photographer, 

or one-yard-bundles of this designer,  

or this designer:

All so we can recreate something like that first photo in our stairway wallways...

Happy Weekend!


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