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Another day at Etsy. Valentine's Day is approaching, Hawk and I are mad at work getting a few final painting/priming/sanding jobs done around the house, so this morning calls for a few Etsy suggestions...

Were Hawk and I the romantic types, I would love to get him something like this:

And this photo is great, though I've no idea where we'd put it...

Wish we could snag this pillow---so feminine with a masculine feel.

Since we're on a cash-only diet for all variable items (entertainment, gasoline, dining out, groceries, etc.), this would be the more stylish avenue compared to our current method.

The inside of the safe...I want this:

And I can think of a thousand uses for these little trinkets. I wish Etsy had gift certificates...

Exactly the teatowel look we'd like to bring into the kitchen. I'm eager to start making these towels myself, but I'm not sure what the best material for making these would be. Anyone know?

Another splendid image:

And last but not least, I would take this item and use it as a photograph/artwork. Probably in the kitchen or downstairs bathroom. Reminds me of the arrow I shot in 7th grade--bullseye. The gym teacher let me keep the arrow, even writing the date and "authentication" on it. (I definitely wrote "authentification" first.) Too bad I threw it away years ago. 

I think everyeskimo is quickly becoming one of my favorite Etsy shops. This is why I've not been blessed with much in the way of disposable income, and why I married a money-savvy man.

Upcoming posts to include: How to throw an almost-briliant dinner party; why the 3-coat painting system just works "gooder," and more...



  1. I'm not so sure you threw that arrow out. It just so happens there is a long wooden arrow (red paint on 1/3-tail end) still in your old room. It has a wood-burned inscription: "Love from ??Mr A??". You still want it? : ) Babycycle

  2. love all your picks,especially those great teatowels. thanks so much for including my red telephone boxex print here.

  3. your blog is utterly darling! thank you so much for featuring so many pieces from my shop! (and lucky you, looks like you found your arrow as well!) best wishes...


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