a wii bit of fun

We are not "gamers."

Over the years the Shedd family has joked about video consoles. We were not allowed video games as children--aside from Pong and Ms. Packman at the bowling alley--and we rarely played on our friends' consoles, but in the past decade (perhaps with the introduction of children), games such as MarioKart and MarioParty seemed just as fun as other boardgames.

Enter the Wii. It was the big family Christmas present (I was sure my parents were going to tell us they were taking a 3 month cruise around the world--I would have asked to "chaperone"). And we honestly had a blast creating Miis and watching the nephews giggle and swing their tennis rackets through the air.

I think my favorite thing about the Wii is that you pretty much need to be standing and laughing. There's little dignity, and there just isn't enough in the game itself to lose a sense of reality. It's just plain fun. Like all those boardgames we piled up through the years...

I would put more images on, but they're rather difficult to find...

So we wiied. Crazy, eh? I'm almost 30! And it was a blast!


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