it's time

It's time for someone over the age of 17 to have more a clue about technology that those under. It's time that we remind them we created this junk. Or at least we tested it out through Napster (and Ocean's 11). 

As you may know, I work with teens and I'm married to a music-freak. Freak as in any song on the radio he knows. In tune. Every word. Even the deplorably written platinum fun Black Eyed Peas pieces. And yet, there came the day.

All of you already know about it, but those silly children-conceived-in-the-90's (sorry Linds) and  my lovely husband didn't. And this was even better than when I introduced them to Evite.com!


If you haven't got yerself an account, do so. I am now an entertaining queen, and I can listen to work-appropriate music when at, well, work.

Recommended stations: Chris Thile, Madeleine Peyroux, Victoria Vox, Punch Brothers, Ingrid Michaelson, Kate Nash, and Edgar Meyer.

Have you opened up pandora?


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