the mickey

I've been trying to find out more about the style of house we own: the Michelson or Mickelson. But I can't locate a single thing that indicates the architect's first name or any further history about the house.

If anyone is able to find out more, let me know!

I'll post again later today. I've just unfortunately wasted 2 hours (again) searching for information... Ugh.

Happy Thursday!



  1. Mikkelson Builders home, they are a builder in that area that has been building homes since the early 1900's. Try researching that.

  2. Whoever you are, you're amazing! How did you find that out?!?!

  3. Hi it's Marisol from Shabby Chalks. Ok they call me the google queen! I was reading through your blog and just googled it and that is what I found! Hopefully that helps you out on your search. I'll get back to you on your convo as I would like to do it. Have a great day!


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