We had a snow fall yesterday. I took a shot of this on my walk to work...

And after yesterday's post, I thought this happenstance was rather funny... I was in the local market and I ran into a neighbor from down the street. One Sunday a while back, Hawk and I were walking around the neighborhood and paused in front of his house to admire the color of their front door. I guess we stared at it for quite a while because when I began up their front walk to knock on their door, he and his wife were opening it in expectation. Perhaps slightly nervous expectation. We explained what we admired about the house (porch, brick, colors, door, everything). They were extremely amiable.

Flash to last night. I walk into the market and see him and his daughter checking out. I say, "You're Burt, right?" Not, "Excuse me, but is your name Burt?" or something more mature and tactful. No, I just blurt out his name. It took him a good 5 seconds to respond. I thought I had the wrong guy. When he finally said yes, I had gathered my wits about me and was better able to explain how I knew his name. After a brief, friendly exchange, he said, "Stop by our house anytime."

SO, I'm going to do it. I am going to go over there soon and ask them if we can post about their house. And by soon, I mean when I have more courage. But that will be soon.

And Hums commented yesterday that I should put a little postcard in people's doors explaining what we want to do. That's exactly what I was thinking! My only hesitation is that it's a small community, and I don't want my clients to find the blog. So the courage will raise up as soon as I figure out how to highlight area homes and still keep the blog relatively obscure within our village.

But that's exciting, eh?

If you haven't commented on yesterday's post, please do so! We'd appreciate your thoughts.



  1. Keep saying "eh" all the time... that'll keep the blog obscure. (You can imagine how much I'm laughing at that)

    Oh, and for courage, try a sip of lemon and two shots of tequila, or one of those martinis from New Years Eve. works every time.


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