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Hawk and I drive around our little village of Whitefish Bay (no really, it's technically a village) and admire the array of homes. I have this crazy idea that I might start walking up and asking people if I can come back in a week and take a photo tour of their home to post on the blog. While I can be forward, I'm not yet that courageous. 

In the meantime, we've decided to use our Tuesdays to highlight a Drive-By. As mentioned, we drive around our village and point out homes we love to each other. While WFB is the home of the Mickelson--a box-like colonial generally 1200-1500 sq. feet prior to additions--there are also numerous original homes and houses that have that very personal, classic feel.

So on Tuesdays, we're going to give you a glimpse of our most recent Drive-Bys. For this first one, we'll wet your appetite with two houses.
First, a unique sage:
We love the dark blue door and the way the home invites you into the backyard. It's a somewhat strange looking home, but we're going for cool original rather than "well-put-together-McMansion." 

This next one is one of my top 5 favorite homes in the area. Maybe ever.
Can you believe it's real? It's like a fairytale cottage. Look at that swirly vinework. You can tell they trim it to better dictate its course. 

Now, if you like admiring homes you can't own like we do, then comment on the following questions. And I know our readers often prefer to email us, remember that you can comment anonymously. Or you can make up a name, like Hums or Keels or something else plural. (Mama Shedd often comments under our old dogs' names.) Here are your commenting questions:

Comment below with the words: "HOUSE IT" and...
1. What should we call these Tuesday segments: Drive-By, Housewalking, or something else? 
2. Should we see if people will let us photo tour their home and then blog about it?
3. Would you like to see updates of the inside of our home, even if we don't have anything but paint on the walls?
4. What is your favorite style of house?

Looking forward to your responses!



  1. HOUSE IT:

    1. housewalking
    2. yes. how would you do it? i think once or twice a month would be good so we can count on it
    3. I would love to see updates even if you're not done accessorizing.
    4. breezy seaside sort of houses. cape cods.

  2. I know a homeowner in Whitefish Bay who would let you in... though I'm not sure anyone would care to see it!

  3. hmmmm, I'm not good at names so I have no help for you there. you should definitely go into people's homes if they let you! yes, include more updates. we like new homes thta look old.

  4. Ellen, we would love to do your home! Your kitchen is fantastic, and you can tell us how you made it into "your" home from "his."

    What about the segment...what should we call it?

    And thanks for the feedback, ladies! Keep it coming...


  5. Drive-By sounds funny in a good way.
    Definitely try to do the photo tour.
    Updates are always good.
    Clean and uncluttered.

    New to your blog. Like it.

  6. How about WFB Cribs? Or Centerfold Homes? Or Tuesday time-filler? Ok, ok... serious one: the Tuesday Tour. Simple.

    You should definitely try to do a photo tour of a feature home! Though, a friendly postcard dropped in the mailbox asking to tour their home with a link to your blog may be a subtle, yet effective means of asking. It could bring new readers to your blog, too.

    Updates are good, but include your lovely faces too.

    I love the cedar-sided Northwest style home.


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