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happy st. paddy's day!
dear readers,

We're back with our next 30 Challenge Guest post: Kathy of Merriment Designs.

Knowing how busy Kathy is with her designs, I am honored that she would join the 30 Challenge. I came to know her work through theNest.com when wedding planning. I saw her handmade, handstiched invitations and just about drooled with envy. I admired how she had a vision and she made it happen! 

I hope you enjoy her post today. And please do check out her designs and work! 

30 things for everyday crafting
When I turned 30 I reclaimed my creativity.

Back when I was little I used to make things - latchhook rugs, potholders, Strawberry Shortcake figurines, face cookies, Barbie doll outfits, skirts, Shrinky Dinks, the gamut. I joined 4-H, learned to sew, and spent summers getting ready for the county fair (yep).

But as I grew older making things sort of fell by the wayside. I missed it. And in truth I needed it. Making things was a core part of my identity. 

When I turned 30 I started creating again with a vengeance, starting with my own DIY wedding to Shane. And it felt great! The Knot Magazine took notice. Encouraged, I started making more things - toddler aprons, graffiti notecards, Chicago passport covers, Saran Wrap napkin rings and more. I soon wanted to show others how to make things too ...and this became MerrimentDesign.com.

To celebrate 
Jennifer's 30th I went through my (messy) craft closet and listed 30 of my top craft supplies in no particular order. A virtual craft kit, if you will, to jumpstart your own creativity. I mean you can make thousands of different projects with this stuff!
Post a comment if you have favorite supplies to add to the list. (I'll admit upfront that I can't knit so I'm sure I'll hear from the knitters).

So here's to 
Jennifer's new bright and shiny decade. May she fill it with everyday creativity!
  1. Sewing machine
  2. Pretty vintage fabrics
  3. Buttons
  4. Colored fine point Sharpie markers
  5. Thread and bobbins
  6. Teeny alphabet letter cookie cutters
  7. Hand sewing needles
  8. Good fabric scissors - a big pair and little stork scissors
  9. Craft-weight interfacing
  10. Rotary fabric cutter, large clear ruler and self-healing mat
  11. Good Rowenta iron
  12. Pillow stuffing
  13. Chalkboard fabric
  14. Rubber cement
  15. Tape measure
  16. Vintage rick rack & bias/binding tapes
  17. Wool felt
  18. Xacto knives and metal ruler (see self-healing mat above)
  19. Assorted colored envelopes and paper
  20. Velcro
  21. Full sheet (8.5" x 11) laser printer sticker paper
  22. Shrinky Dinks inkjet paper
  23. Thin floral wire
  24. 2" circle punch
  25. Grosgrain ribbon
  26. Glue gun
  27. Inkjet printable fabric
  28. Tiny hole punch
  29. Envelope liner kit
  30. Flat cork sheet
Kathy was generous enough to send along photos of her work, displaying the array of materials and applications she employs. 

vintage-inspired kissing couple box-wrapping:

an appropriate Irish pot pie!

passport cover, chicago style:

chicago avenue bridge thank you card:

chalkboard pillows:

autumn leaf table decor:

dog baby onesie:

shrinky dink rabbit's foot ring and keepsake:

And finally, a little about the lovely lady herself:

Thank you, Kathy! We are so grateful to host you today. You give me hope for creative handiwork in my 30's!


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