HouseNotMine : Katy's Part I

It's finally here! We hit up four homes and one apartment in the two weeks, so we're finally ready to introduce our newest segment, HouseNotMine.  I know, creative, right? And it is so much more marketable when the words are squished together (wink wink).

Let me introduce you to my new friend, Katy.
She graciously invited us into her "new" home, circa 1928. She's a caterer and an author, and a very amiable, joyful woman who loves taking a cast-off item and bringing it to new life.

Take this light and alcove. First thing I noticed when I walked in the house.

She found the light at a flea market and thought it fit in with their octogenarian home better than its predecessor. I'm pretty sure I had similar lights in our Varsity apartment in college--circa 1926.

Next, I met Georgia, who was soft and sweet and a perfect hostess.

And that throw rug is just the sort we've been looking for since we started house-hunting. It would really cozy up our basement.

Katy found a number of books over the years, so she set them up in her living room on a tray, serving as both decoration and surprising reading material. The pages you see underneath are actually old musicsheets she plans to turn into a screen for the living room (to replace an obtrusive cabinet).

 She found this brilliant...um, curtain-thingie?--at another antique store. Her living room is full of reds, golds, blacks, browns, and whites. My eyes went to it immediately. I've been looking for a chest like this, in this sort of condition, for quite some time. You can find them at Restoration Hardware for more than your first car. The other great thing, as many of you know, is that it serves as storage. Decorative and functional.

Then, I noticed this telephone! I've never seen anything like it. And it's still functional.

Love the chair. Love the fabrics. Love the fabric ladder.

An old canteen she uses for lemonade in the summer, house in her dining room.

An incredibly weighty iron candle-holder, also in her dining room.

And beautiful but functional storage. Check out the details on the lower chest.

This pair of doors used to lead to outside and now transitions us from dining room to den. She's repaired and re-stained them. Very simple. Very nice.

And finally, her kitchen. We sort of jumped into her house without really planning it (we met at another friend's house I was NotMining), so she wanted you to know that her countertops are a little more full than they would be if we'd had the time to "prepare and present." But here at thishawksnest, I really like seeing homes as they are. And if this is "normal" for her, I'm sure she still leaves many of us with a high standard!

They remodeled the kitchen, which opens to the brightly lit den. (Wish I'd snapped a shot of the den!)

Look at those floors...

And who doesn't want a rooster chalkboard? 

More roosters--this time in auburn glass.

As they couldn't mount a pot rack into the ceiling, Katy chose a rack similar to ours but narrower and side-mounted. You can see the mounting in the shots above. Don't you love those copper pots?!

That's all for now! We'll post the second half of her home tour soon. We hope you've enjoyed our first HouseNotMine!

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  1. I'm sorry, i'm workin on a new website and my blog is on the back burner. I'm so bad.

    here is my contact info

    AuburnSoul at gmail.com

    hope to hear from you soon!

  2. I love virtual house tours! This was a lot of fun. I was "sold" at the front door!

  3. HouseNotMine... love it! Your pictures are amazing! You definitely have a knack for warm, beautiful, and interesting photos. I want to meet Georgia.

    Author? Author of what? Do tell...


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