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As previously mentioned, we're hosting our first giveaway from the very generous Marisol of Shabbychalks. She repurposes a number of items to transform them into versatile, practical chalkboards that offer an air of style. We've talked about her work here , and you can find her etsy shop here . I want one for myself, but rather than keep it all for myself, we've decided to let you take a stab.

The item itself:
Normally priced at more than $50. Ah! I'm so jealous that one of you faithful readers (or new readers, for that matter) will receive this! Please pass the site on to our friends so they can join in---- or don't, and then you'll have greater chances of winning.

Here's what you need to do:

Comment on this post with: 
1. Your name (choose the Name/URL option below)
2. Where you're going to put your new chalkboard?
3. What do you want to see more of on thishawksnest?
4. Email us at thishawksnest@gmail.com so we can email you back if you win

Happy tries, dear friends! Giveaway ends Thursday!



  1. 1. CeCe
    2. In my kitchen
    3. the inside of homes
    4. done!

  2. jessica
    I'd put it in my hallway, to remember what I need to do for the day!
    hmmmmm, some photos of your house?

  3. 1. Odnam
    2. Kitchen
    3. Some more ideas on wall art/decor

  4. 1. Elaine
    2. by the door so I can leave little reminders to myself!
    3. fashion :)
    4. will do after this comment.


  5. 1. Hayley
    2. In the kitchen
    3. more diy before and afters

  6. 1. Brianna
    2. right by the door so my husband and I can leave notes for each other (we don't see each other in the morning!)
    3. cheap redecorating ideas!
    4. ms(dot)verymarried(at)gmail(dot)com

  7. 1. marianna
    2. hallway!
    3. what real people do with real homes, please
    4. will do

  8. 1. tiffany
    2. in my dorm room ^_^
    3. i love diy's!
    4. emailed

  9. 1. Call Me Pretty
    2. in my hallway surrounded by pictures eventually
    3. more decor
    4. done

  10. 1. amy
    2. In my entry way
    3. I am new but I would love to see kids and womans fashion and clothes.
    4. emailing u now.

  11. 1. lee
    2. in my kitchen to jot down things i need to get at the store
    3. interiors
    4. done
    cobalt.bluecocktailATg(ee)mailDOT com

  12. 1.Kim
    2.Right in our entry way!
    3.Can't go wrong with DIY's
    4. email sent!


  13. ali
    right beside my doorway!!
    decor, decor, decor!
    emails on it's way! =]

  14. 1. Megan
    2. At my front door.
    3. Well, I'm new here, but I love DIY's and decorating ideas. Especially decorating done in real life by bloggers.
    4. Done!

    BTW, I'm hosting a giveaway too. Come on over and enter to win!

  15. 1 jen
    2 my bedroom
    3 DIY
    4 done and done

  16. 1. Louise @ Illume Design
    2. In the kitchen, so I can write my grocery list
    3. Styling ideas for the home

  17. 1. marlee
    2. like people have said: DIY things you do in your own house (and maybe what others have done) and decorating
    3. kids' bedroom or upstairs hallway
    4. right after this!

  18. 1. Kerry's husband
    2. Wherever she wants it
    3. Stuff men can do in the home
    4. done

  19. 1. Kimberly aka BizeeMama
    2. My office cubby! :]
    3. More shabby chic items...
    4. Will email/ my email: soindepeau[at]ymail[dot]com
    ~Love the giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!
    5. Blog Follower

  20. 1. Amanda
    2. In the kitchen!
    3. Love to see more kitchen ideas.
    4. On it!

  21. 1. Gretta from grettajohns.blogspot.com

    2. In my kitchen

    3. how to re-do furniture pieces affordably & fashionably

    4. will be coming shortly!

  22. Alecia H.
    2. My craft room
    3. I love giveaways

  23. Alecia H.
    In my craft room
    more giveaways. I love them!

  24. 1. Ashley
    2. in my kitchen
    3. more about you
    4. hewella1@gmail.com

  25. 1. Sam
    2. kitchen, next to the art boards!
    3. i totally agree... more about you and your house. it's the personal that matters
    4. next on the list!

  26. 1. Celestia
    2. above my desk
    3. I'm new here so I'm still exploring!
    4. celestia dot price at gmail dot com

  27. 1. Natalie
    2. My Office
    3. Things for me to win :)
    4. natalie.chicago@gmail.com

  28. I am going to put my new chalkboard in the kitchen of my new apartment, or maybe my bedroom.

    I am new to thishawksnest so I want to see more of all of it if the giveaways are this good!

  29. 1. Emily
    2. right by my desk
    3. I'd love to actually see the recipes from some of your posts about dinner parties and entertaining.
    4. Sending the email now!

  30. 1. Meera
    2. Over my Desk- I am a photographer
    3. DIY's :)

  31. i would put this up in my kitchen to use to write notes, to do lists, shopping lists, and to let my son color on too.
    i would of course love to see more giveaways!

    ohhhfire at hotmail

    i sent you an email also

  32. So grateful that so many of you checked out even more than the giveaway! We're happy to have you here. Too bad I can't do the randomly-pick-device from you 32. My hopes for the giveaway win are on you, though!

  33. I totally want this! I love that it's repurposed and not just masse made.

    1. Gennifer
    2. Living Room--helloo!
    3. More stuff of your own life and house...like people wrote, the DIY things you do.

    And I love the Devote thing. You should write more about that.

  34. Love this giveaway!!!
    1- AnnOnandOn- www.annonandon.blogspot.com
    2- I am hanging my new chalkboard in the kitchen...(I'm totally crossing my fingers for this giveaway!)
    2- Or, right when I walk into my house to write sweet notes to my Mr. (Sappy- I know. :)
    3- Affordable projects
    4- Done.

  35. I love that chalkboard! I would hang it in my classroom and use it for a word-of-the-day or quote display.

  36. Ron-Michael
    In my classroom
    More info.

  37. 1. Nupur
    2. In my foyer, to jot down reminders, and perhaps love notes :)
    3. Highlight more great Etsy artists
    4. Will do that in a minute

  38. Hi! :)

    1. Stephanie P
    2. In my daycare
    3. More DIY ideas
    4. will do right away :)


  39. martina
    in my kitchen to plan my meals for the week
    i'd like to see cheap & easy redecorating ideas

  40. 1.Lauren Marsh
    2. by the garage door, for instructions to the hubby!
    3. DIY
    4. okie dokie

  41. 1. Shannon
    2. In my den by the front door
    3. Definitely some more DIY ideas.
    4. waterchic83@yahoo.com

  42. 2. Kitchen
    3. DIY & Home Decor
    4. nancysoffice at gmail dot com

  43. 1. Tracey
    2. In the kitchen
    3. DIY!

  44. 1. Bethany
    2. My new apartment! Prob in the kitchen where my boyfriend and I can write reminders.
    3. Ideas for home decorating that are cheap and easy
    4. blgreen@gmail.com is me (and I'm emailing you as well)

  45. 1. Erin
    2. In my kitchen excusing my (ever present) pile of dirty dishes
    3. more DIY projects!
    4. done :)

  46. 1. Marie
    2. In my kitchen
    3. Home organization ideas

  47. 1. Princess Samy Vintage
    2. I would put this lovely chalkboard on the wall next to our kitchen so that my boy and I can leave each other notes!
    3. I love the do-it-yourself projects :)
    4. Emailing from samyrocks92[at]msn[dot]com

  48. 1. Beauty Vibes
    2. In my bedroom, for my 'to do lists' of the day :)
    3. Decorating tips for people with a small budget would be nice!
    4. Going to do that now!

  49. 1. Laura
    2. Craft Room
    3. More functional art!
    4. Done now!


  50. 1. Vittoria
    2. In my kitchen...I'll announce upcoming dinners!
    3. More and more DIY!
    4. I'm emailing you right away!


    DolphinV27 [at] aol [dot] com

  51. 1. Sophia
    2. Living room
    3. DIY


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