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And now, to our first guest blogger! 
Marta, of Marta Writes (m.writes) captured my avid admiration over a year ago when I first entered into the mystical blogging world of women who express intelligence, creativity, resourcefulness, and value house and home (and the bodies within it). I caught the above photo and suddenly wanted to travel through Europe with her, putting everything we saw and experienced into paper with pen. Now she lives in Idaho with a gentle husband and new(er) baby boy, still creatively writing and challenging herself to new reflections and experiences. She offers a particular workshop for those of us with the creative desire but lacking in formation: Never did I think I would be so honored to host her today. I find her post particularly relevant to my birthday because I want to spend it alone with Hawk---no need for a party or many presents---just him all to myself..

Marta & her bearded-husband 
(I snatched the pic off her blog)

30 simple ways to keep the focus on each other

01. eat meals together. better yet, cook together.
02. be adventurous; try a new restaurant, a museum exhibit, or picnic somewhere you've never been before.
03. find ways to surprise each other in small ways; keep things fresh.
04. send love letters via text or email. the old fashioned way works as well!
05. remember to smile, cuddle and flirt with your spouse.
06. take a spontaneous treat to the office.
07. recreate your first date.
08. read classics aloud on road trips.
09. bake cookies together and deliver them to someone.
10. steal a kiss in public.

11. hold hands.
12. remember that saying 'i'm sorry' is the best way to get the last word.
13. have planning meetings and discuss short term and long term goals. dream for your future together!
14. leave little notes in his luggage.
15. get two tickets to an outdoor concert.
16. say 
i love you every time you think it.
17. reassure him of what he means to you.
18. go for early morning walks or summer bike rides or autumn hikes. make it a tradition.
19. set a muffin and hot cocoa on his desk.

20. watch whatever he wants to watch on television; let him hold the remote!

21. make time to appreciate and acknowledge the ways he loves you.
22. jot in a journal every day for a year of things you notice and like about him, present it to him on christmas.
23. laugh about inside jokes, be silly and lighthearted together.
24. take tons of snapshots together. you can never have enough.
25. tell him the story of why you first noticed him and then how you fell head over heels for him.
26. while out shopping, take $10 for each of you, split up and spend your cash on each other and feel the joy of giving.
27. decide to give him a free Lazy Day and let him lounge around, rest and relax while you do all the work!
28. let go of all the little things that might irritate and love him for all the really important big reasons.
29. take time to be a positive influence for good, fill your home with kindness.
30. remember, what goes around, comes around. spread love love and more love. 

Marta, thank you so much! Friends, if you can, please do check her work out. She's always listed in our {what helps us make a home} section to the right.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. oohh, i especially like #5, 18, 19! How cool that you're doing this!

  2. I love Marta and her blog, too.

    I am happy to become acquainted with your blog and am really looking forward to all of the posts for this series.

  3. Just hopped over from marta's and I'm happy to find you! What a sweet idea. looking forward to reading more!

  4. Great ideas, Marta! I love them all.

  5. your wedding pics are great. found you via other readers who read marta. What a chain! congrats on turning 30. them's are the best years!

  6. LMT! Thank you! your blogs are fantastic. I truly hope you enjoy the series. Our next guest poster premiers on Monday! (she's fantastic, you'll love it!) Thank you for checking us out. We truly appreciate it.

  7. Thank you for checking out our wedding page! We really enjoyed the day.

  8. I'm visiting from Marta's blog to wish you a Happy Birthday! It's fun to find a new bloggy buddy.

  9. What a brilliant post! I love Marta's blog too! She's so eloquent and inspirational, and yet so practical!

    p.s. visiting from Marta's blog too. Have a wonderful Birthday!


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