birthday dinner

Birthdays. Everyone has one. My 7 year-old nephew took this photo the day before my birthday when my sister and her two boys surprised me with cake and coffee ice cream (and boy was it good). Can you believe he just snapped this? Granted, it's in a non-profit kitchen, but look at that framing job!
Then, one of my "kids" asked me to help him go Bible shopping, but as it turns out, he was taking me shopping to buy a new one for me! The one I received 13 years ago has fallen to disrepair, despite the brilliance of duct tape. One our way home, I snapped a few shots of this first-ever sunny birthday!
the Calatrava

bradford beach
Now, the next few shots are not the best. We went to Baccus for dinner. My favorite restaurant. Romantic, fine dining, phenomenal steaks, the best wine...a Bartolotta's restaurant for sure.
Forgive the photos...dim lighting and all.

With Bartolotta prices, we were happy to receive a complimentary (which means free!) dessert of delicious chocolate mousse filled with small spheres of chocolate cookie.

I like this next shot, even with my poor 3.8 pixel camera:

And yes, those are 30-year-old bags around my eyes!
Baccus is located in an old hotel/condominium that faces the Lake Michigan. It is rather spiffy that we're in a very old, unchanged building. Here Hawk is awaiting our coats...
And the old sconces that glow:
And who wouldn't want this chair?!
The lovely couple, very happy, very full of Duckhorn, filet mignon, and chocolate mousse.
Can't you just see this at the end of some movie?
To my husband, who increases in love for me through everything, even despite myself, CHEERS!



  1. oh, I love Bartolotta's! Too bad your camera is not sharper.

  2. Just a suggestion. sconces(tee hee, your c didn't type). Also keep in mind that anything you say could expose you to libal charges
    (such as the restuarant might have mafia ties).
    Like the blogs.

  3. I think I would like this resataurant very much! Sure am glad, and not surprised, that you did go to your favorite restaurant for your birthday. Yes, he's a good man, for sure. You deserved to celebrate this milestone at a place you really like. Pick another favorite place this Sunday. Congratulations!!!


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