HouseNotMine: Katy's Part II

Happy Tuesday! We're back for another HouseNotMine, or rather, part two of Katy's house. Last week, we took a little walk through her first floor and now, we're heading upstairs.

Just look at that staircase. We like how the top of the stair is a different stain than the vertical board. Katy said when they removed the carpeting, they simply freshened up the wood--it was already stained in such a way:

Like many early 20th century homes, Katy's displays a few built in details:
The bathroom needed heavy remodeling, so she and her husband went for a crisp, bright, and yet still appropriate-to-the-house look. Notice her great use of baskets!
One of the many great things I noticed about her style is that it isn't overly feminine. Touches like this White Sox newspaper in the master bedroom bring her hubbie's style home, too.
In her son's room, she put up this great name plate. It measures about 4 feet wide!
And now I really want this framed photo in MY home:
The master bedroom is simple, warm, the right touch of masculine and feminine, and still bright with afternoon light:
Two photos of little Macarther face the bed. And check out the crossings in the window!
Still in the master bedroom, there is a small alcove over the staircase houseing two closets.
Believe it or not, this is an old portable smoking table Katy found at a flea market and spruced up. We think this is so creative and fun! Not to mention decorative and still practical
 Last but not least, we had to show you this little desk set. Katy hails from Chicago (we forgive her), so she found this desk set, painted it deep blue and added orange highlights including a little chairseat cushion! If we didn't hate the Bears so much, we'd love this even more.
Thank you for joining us on our first HouseNotMine! Remember, we love reading comments, so comment away.
~j & Hawk


  1. my favorite part about her bathroom is the cool rug on the floor. totally not what you would expect!

  2. I'm still drooling over that arched door! What a classic.

  3. She definitely did a nice job with the man-woman component. Thanks for the tour!


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