etsy friday : decal, decal, on the wall

What will the next generation think of our new love of wall decals? Will they view it as we now view the shiny, busy wallpaper of the 70's? You know, that stuff in my old Menlo Park bathroom and in Roots' current bathrooms? Whatever the future holds, I like where this new look is going. I'd love to put one of these puppies in our powder room, upstairs hallway, or baby's room.

All the images pictured here come from one Etsy vendor, WowWall. You can see that the majority of them depict trees, but the creators shake things up a little, too. Let's see if you can guess which is my current favorite...

The road sign:

Forest of birds and green:

Little munchkin growing:

Pops of red posies:

Bubble boy in the moon:

Swallows in weeping willow:

Bambi's forest:

Well, did you guess?

The winner is: little munchkin growing! Yes, it may be because we have a bun baking, but it also may be due in part to the fact that it measures 60"--my height exactly! And who wouldn't want a giraffe atop a dog in their room?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! We will be busy visiting with friends from Macedonia, another wedding, baby shower, and Brewer game.

Welcome back, summer.


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