kitchen update part IV

Here we were last August:

And here we are today! (forgive the low-res images...my camera's on it's last flash).
view from the pantry

view from the dining room

view from under the clock

our quaint seating area


view from the hallway

The number one thing people comment on after the black cabinet is our hanging pot rack, which we found at Crate & Barrel. The pots and pans are all Calphalon. This was Hawk's first husband-installation duty back at the apartment, so when he got to the house, he was a pro.

Since we honeymooned in Siesta Key, Florida, we thought it only fitting that we hit Disneyworld for one day (and we were glad it was only one day). We sat for this silhouette. We think Hawk's eyelashes are rather stunning and that I look a bit like a Disney character...

Next big thing: the clock! After months of admiring the Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn clocks, we found this at Target for just under $100! Recently, we went window shopping and found a very similar look in RH. It had a plastic rim, so we think we got quite the steel with this glass-front Target find.

We house our biggest-together wedding gift money purchase: our Wustoff knife set. We can't go a day without these babies. I highly recommend that knive-shoppers consider the advice we were given: Go for the good stuff. Make sure it balances perfectly in your hand, that it is truly sharp, and that it has blad

My grandmother had these in her kitchen from either the 60's or the 30's, I don't remember which. I use them to store my Starbucks coffee, Indian spices, and packets of coffee additives. Aren't they pretty and sleek?

Just across the way, we have our three C&B additions. Brown sugar, flour, and white sugar. Very convenient and cheerful.

Our kitchen still needs the following:
  1. A new light above the sink (or any light at all...check out the dangling one we have right now)
  2. Two new lantern-like lights in place of the 80's frosted-dishes we currently see.
  3. Window treatment around the breakfast table
  4. Maybe paint the breakfast table...Hawk, pretty please?
  5. Duvels under the black cabinets to complete the built-in look.
Not bad for a first experiment. Thanks for checking us out!

~j & Hawk

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  1. oh wow - I love all of the texture in your new space. WELL DONE!


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