kitchen update part I

the Galley kitchen: straight, narrow, efficient, and somehow still quite inviting. We have a very small kitchen and yet, when we have guests (even 40 at a time) the majority gather in our itty bitty galley kitchen.

Before: When we inherited our galley kitchen, it looked like this:

The previous owners took very good care of the place, but it still harbored either the original cabinetry or the 70's version.

It also sported an evergreen tile backsplash, under-cabinet radio, and tons of counter space. . . That last one was a bit sarcastic.

Here it is from another angle:

We couldn't afford to do a full renovation, and frankly, we weren't even sure what we would want to do just yet (other than bumping out the back wall).

So we did the next best thing: we painted. We changed hardware. We stripped the inside of doors. We painted tile.

But first, we moved in. This is what it looked like for the first few weeks, and it drove me crazy. You can see in the background we had already begun to paint the dining room (the green is gone) and having the kitchen in such chaos, with it looking so much like someone else's, I couldn't stand it.

Thankfully, my family complied. I spent a day clearing the cabinets of their doors and hardware. And we opened a bottle of Dr. Hawk's choice wines. Here are the boys, posing for all their glory.

Then, Mom Hawk showed me how to properly prime the cabinets, and I got to work.

We painted the walls (forgot to take photos of that phase) which you can sort of see in the photo below. The color is Limestone by Behr. It looks rather gray here but in true light, it has a hint of green that gives the room a lighter, brighter feel.

And placed the first-coat painted cabinets here:

And here:

That's about all we can handle for tonight (don't want that browser crashing with all these photos). More tomorrow!


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  1. this is so exciting! i know i'm going to learn a lot from this reno! i am dying to paint my cabinets, too!


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