three's company

What might these three things have in common?

Mrs. Meyer's Geranium-Scented cleaning products:

Lentil soup (and lentil beans in general):

And our dining room:

They all made Jen extremely nauseated because she's pregnant! Yup, we're going to hatch a little Hawk

We found out while visiting our friends in Kansas (see that post here, here, here, and here) and for some strange reason, while other women struggle with raw chicken, Jen struggled with colors. She couldn't walk through the dining room without feeling annoyed and sick.

Same thing went for thishawksnest logo! Jen couldn't look at it without the nausea inreasing. Not good luck. So we cooled the blog for a bit, posted here or there when we could, and simply enjoyed the sickness because it meant someone very important was making her sick.

So now that we're further along, we're back to the blog. Hope this finds you well, and we're glad to have you back!

~Hawk & J


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