woah be us

Wisconsin suffered major storms last night. Not just minutes of a downpour and lightning, but hours. 

We woke this morning to find a half inch of water on our dining room table. Which is below a bedroom. On the opposite corner of the house from any plumbing. Whatever water there was poured through the chandelier opening, so it could be anywhere on that side of the house for all we know.

There were tornadoes last night, so I know we've got it good. But this is really disheartening. We've seen this house as a fortress--well-built, well-kept, solid, secure.

We'll keep you updated. At least there was no fire, and the leak is done for now...


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  1. oh goodness! so sorry! we've never had to deal with flooding or leaking, but I can empathize. keep us updated. i'd love to know what to look for if it ever happens to us.


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