our first anniversary cont'd

In addition to celebrating our first year of marriage, we also celebrated the 12-week mark of our new baby's life. Well, technically 10, but since you count the first two weeks... well, you get the idea. So we took this picture during our first meal out in Fish Creek, WI. Gotta love the significance, and the nose.

Our first dinner was at the Cookery Restaurant & Wine Bar. My family has patronized the Cookery most of my life, so I was sad to learn they'd experienced a very damaging fire in the past couple of years. It looked a little different, but the remodel is fantastic. Very homey-chic.

On our way out for the day, we walked out the back door of the Thorp House Inn, our bed & breakfast, we found this quaint backyard with a good view of some of the individual cottages. And I still look short.

The next day, we rented bikes and hit Peninsula State Park. You really can't go to Door County without hitting Peninsula.

The first part of the ride takes the rider through marshland. At the end of the trail when we hit the woods, I took this great shot of Hawk.

And Hawk shot this one as we entered the first portion of the woods. 

Isn't this next shot beautiful? The blue flowers look like they're being shaded beneath the leaning trees.

Next, we hit up one of the lighthouses. Most of the Door County lighthouses are 100+ years old, and usually involve a story or two of the harsh survival conditions part and parcel of life in Wisconsin winters. 
This lighthouse told us the story of a young teenager who walked from one of the adjacent islands, across the frozen Bay, to pick up the mail. 
The lighthouse caretaker saw the ice crack beneath the boy, and couldn't get to him in time.  Before his eyes, the young boy perished.

Happy that neither of us need to walk this dangerous distance, we snabbed a shot of the island in the background, the treacherous water, and of course, Hawk's nose.

We hit the trails again and spotted some wild turkeys! I was finally able to capture one of them. Can you see it? 

Later in our trip, we had to take advantage of Fish Creek's locally-owned shops. Here's a glimpse of one of them:

And at another, we found this kaleidoscope. You can position it around the flowers for the most brilliant colors patterns! Creative, eh? I'd never seen anything like it before. It would definitely be a step up from pink flamingos.

This lovely church sits away from the main strip. We couldn't get enough of its age, the simple new facade, and the garden area. And that stone wall you can see at the bottom of the pic.

More beautiful spring flowers on our way back from that day's dinner (beef brisket---amazing!!!).

One of the oldest remaining original homes in the area, now a museum, which was, of course, closed during our visit. This one in particular reminds me of Anne of Green Gables.

And last, but not least, we stopped at my favorite fudge shop in Fish Creek. My family has been coming here for decades, and when any one of us goes to the Door without the others, we make sure to pick up a pound of genuine, homemade fudge for each missing member of the family.  Can you see my excitement?

And Hawk, not being as much of a fudge fan, nabbed a blast-from-the-past treat for himself.

When he hate a mouthful, I could hear them snapping and popping. Oh, the memories of childhood!

Hope you enjoyed the brief trip with us. I'll post about our B&B soon. It was almost too good to be true.


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