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Who doesn't love a good picture? 

I am a sucker for a good photo of someone I love, and my only regret growing up is that we didn't take more family photos. We're grateful that my parents sent us a professional shot taken in celebration of their 40th wedding anniversary and that Hawk's family constantly makes us pose whenever we're all in town. We love that our families value snapshots of our lives together. Hawk and I want to make sure that we chronicle our new and growing family life so that generations from now, our progeny understand and identify with their roots.

For our first anniversary, I requested a fun photo shoot in the journalistic style of MThreeStudios, Max Wanger, and Woodnote Photography. Little did we know that we would secure time with Woodnote, and that it would take us almost 4 months of scheduling and rescheduling to make it happen.
Today is the day! This evening, we are grabbing a few changes of clothes, and submitting with glee to anything and everything they want us to do. Caroline, one of the owners and primary photographers, talks the talk I want to get behind. She asked if we would be willing to do anything retro, and I said YES, though I fear I may not have enough to go with that image. She asked about props and I giggled, HECK YES. Balloons, umbrellas, and a bike perhaps?

Oh, we can't wait! So we'll let you know how it goes, and in particular, how little Ace (our squirmy, kicking, unborn spawn) does in his/her first photo shoot.

Please take a moment to check Woodnote out. They're site is fantastic, and the music they present in the background soothes and makes me want to go dancing in a field or the park...

Happy weekend!


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