etsy friday : paper love

It has come to this.

2:15am, and I am awake. Hawk has his first major presentation (to 250 people including COOs, CEOs, and CFOs) of his new promotion in the morning. And Ace is breaking out in dance moves that would put Dr. Frank-N-Furter to shame. It was pretty smooth sailing overall... Usual "night breaks" that send women from deep slumber into the ladies' room. But the last 4 days, this little one has chosen a whole new sleep schedule. We were in sync. Not so much syncing now.

But this is the life we wanted. These are the little things we laugh about already. And in trying to "prepare" ourselves for the outward arrival of our newest Hawk, I've seen just how good my life is. "AD" commented on yesterday's post with a loving, "so glad you found your true love." I often tell Hawk in earnest that he is my favorite person. Ever.

So in honor of this, here's a mushy-etsy-friday.

Paper Love. or Love in Paper. (and one set of cute cups)

(sigh) so pretty.

I wonder what you'd use the tickets for? hmmmm...

see the little baby bird...?

I know, sappier than Canadian maple trees.

Happy Friday, everyone.


p.s. Say a prayer for me, eh?. I'm driving to and from Chicago alone today. I'd never be bothered by it before, but now I've got a family. I make Hawk text me every day when he arrives safely at work. As they say, 'Everything is different now.' 

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